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Technology has been absolutely hating me lately, especially in the past several days. Just a quick rundown:

My brand new MacBook Air won't charge. I've taken it to the Genius Bar who say it's a firmware problem, updated the firmware and sent me on my way. It still won't charge most of the time. Going back on Wednesday.

My camera won't connect to my computer. I'm actually kind of thinking it's the computer since it did connect to other computers, but most of the time I can find ways around that and it's kind of lower on my list of technology priorities.

My printer isn't pulling in paper properly. Yes, we've adjusted it. Is 8 years considered old for seldom-used printers?

My phone... actually my phones. Andy gave me his HTC MyTouch 3G Slide and got himself a 4G. It rebooted randomly and constantly. We purchased 2 more of the identical phone and installed logging programs on them before we finally figured out that it's the SIM card. Went to T-Mobile, exchanged it... now I'm contemplating which phone to keep. On one, inexplicably, Facebook won't load (it's on its factory ROM). On the one Andy gave me, rooted to Cyanogen, WiFi gets stuck in turning off mode and isn't fixed by anything other than a reboot.

My MP3 player refused to pause the other night. A reboot fixed that, but I haven't used it since and we'll see if that does that again.

My car's AC kept turning on. Granted, it's possible that I brushed against the button... but unlikely.

We did replace the hair trimmer, the old one just wasn't trimming.

What's next, technology universe?

New stuff

Sep. 17th, 2010 11:00 pm
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Today, I spent a bit of money.

I got my new-to-me MacBook Pro. I would have preferred the smaller MacBook, but gift horses and all. It's a little sticky, so I don't know what the previous owner did with it. I'm also going to have to learn to touch-type better in Russian because I don't see how stickers would work with these magic light-up keys. Пока получается медленно.

I also ordered two pairs of glasses (and so did Andy, but his came from a brick-and-mortar store, so no pictures yet. Here are mine )

Also got two pairs of earrings from Indonesia, на вырост )

I also registered both cars online and... probably did other awfully productive stuff.


Sep. 13th, 2010 06:14 pm
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Macbook died. Posting from husband's. It doesn't even have Russian! I think my only hope (besides the increasingly unlikely hope that it can be resuscitated) is that it can be an organ donor and give a hard drive. I know I should back up more, but at least it's something.

Not that I was THAT serious about my job search, but this certainly sets things back.


ETA: Macbook hard drive still alive, hooked up to Andy's computer. Long backup in progress. Hoping for the best - dad's got another Pro laying around, not new but newer than what we've got! Hope mom can ship it so it gets here in one piece!
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This was the first image in my friendsscroll when I opened up LJ today (via Giz). How appropriate - different decor, same sentiment.
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Счетчик ЖЖ хандрит (это у меня одной так?), Скайп звонит но не чатает, мармелад не загустел, а Мак вообще выкидывает колена - то network drives не находит, то иконки фоток не показывает, и iTunes через динамики играть не хочет. Перезагрузка помагает, но временно.

Хорошо что платье сегодня вообще не трогала. Вязанье шло нормально, но так как проходит обычно в темноте (при свете экрана), завтра будет понятно что я там накосячила.
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People with Android phones and emulators: Go to the Market and check out RouteCentral's StairwayWalks in San Francisco. Buy it. Give it stellar reviews. Use it and write your own routes. Publish your work and make some money.
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I've had this Mac for what, less than a week? I am a total computer killer! Last night, we were trying to access other computers on our network and tried to reboot in order to do that. Well, the thing rebooted itself for good couple of hours until [livejournal.com profile] fallenturtle actually reinstalled the OS. The small miracle is that the archiving function saved ALL of my settings.

And still no network.
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...буква ё похоже отменяется.
А также игра "тысяча", стиранее букв справа и вменяемые нотификации о новой почте.

Добавляются кириллические наклейки в 3/4 клавиши и вся музыкальная библиотека.


Jul. 24th, 2008 11:53 pm
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Due to a lengthy list of circumstances and coincidences, I have now become a Mac user. I will now accept your congratulations!
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Русское колдовство и астрология все проблемы решат!
Read more... )


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