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And by matching, I mean things of the identical color or pattern, not just a complimentary color.
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I am bemused at how the assumption is that San Francisco, the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are widely presumed to have superior consumer and other technology. I keep recalling two comparisons to the place we used to live - DC and Northern Virginia suburbs.

1. NoVa have FIOS! SF does not, not a good analogy! We don't need a landline or cable TV, FIOS was a relatively good choice in quantity and quality. And I realize it's because AT&T is the big brother of SF phones-n-stuff, but I thought Verizon has a presence here as well. Anyway, here, we initially went with a measured rate AT&T phone and some DSL company. Now we switched to a better-quality DSL that somehow takes over from AT&T for the landline, but I'm not clear on the specifics and we have turned off the phone ringer and voicemail anyway.

2. Giant (an East Coast supermarket) has an app that allows you to scan groceries as you take them off the shelf and put them in your bag. I haven't seen this in any local store, comparable or better. And even their self-checkout works better - you scan the items, then put them on the belt where they are weighed and spilled into a packaging area. Here, you scan each item, then put it on a weighing stand where you are supposed to package it with any others. Using your own bags frequently messes up the weighing, and even when not using them the computer frequently screams at you that you are wrong and must perform some sort of complicated penance to right it all. I seriously switched from self-checkout to human cashiers after a few experiences in CA, plus they're not any faster here!

And no, we don't have good public Wi-Fi everywhere! Not even in the most logical areas. But I still totally prefer living in SF.
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When we drove a lot the weekend before last, we started listening to an audiobook, William Gibson's Zero History. We got more than halfway, but Andy decided that he doesn't care enough about it and I finished it on my own, in 20 minute bursts. I was getting a bit tired of NPR and my seldom-updated music collection, so I've decided to switch to audiobooks altogether. Even my retrograde technology has gotten far enough to make it easy to do in or out of the car - I've been using an older Androidphone. I really could have put it on my current phone, but [livejournal.com profile] marusja, you're right, its battery does suck.

Back to the pertinent subject: I am finally starting to read non-internets again! I liked Zero History, I just started Neal Stephenson's Anathem and I liked his The Diamond Age and Snow Crash.

What else should I read?
I like cyberpunk, space, aliens, near-future, apocalyptic and hard sci-fi.
I don't like supernatural, steampunk, horror, fantasy or romance.

Not pretty

Jan. 22nd, 2013 11:14 pm
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Grrr! I was doing so well with all my piercings, and I fucked up my right ear while cleaning it! I've seen people before with unevenly stretched ears and that always looked funny to me, and now, at least for a time, I'll be one of them! I've done a pretty good job of fighting the OCD, I hope it doesn't kick in now.

On the other hand, I think that I notice such details in people a lot more than they notice them in me. I've changed some of my more prominent jewelry several times with not a single comment, not even from the man, and I sometimes did it just to see if anyone would notice. Nope. I'm not offended or anything, I'm just kind of baffled by the fact that people's attention to detail is so varying.
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My phone has been giving me enough grief without actually being broken that I want another, but can't completely justify the expense. Because my contract does not subsidize phones, it doesn't matter when I buy it, I have to pay a non-contract price. Probably $300-400 or more. I know I'm not going to be able to get what I want because there is only one phone that has all those features and that's the phone Andy has, but I don't know if I want that particular one. So he's looking around for me, and he went on a forum where he asked what might be the Honda equivalent of Android phones. This is a great analogy, considering that I've owned 3 Hondas before giving up having a car altogether, and I guess my dumbphone was the Honda equivalent of dumbphones - not actually flashy, but functional, not bloated with unnecessary features, and very long-lasting. The forum people recommended HTC, and that's what I have now, but I'm not convinced.

And no, I'm not buying an iPhone.
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I know I have no real right to be, but I'm a grammar nazi. Yes, I'm ESL, and I make plenty of mistakes in English and Russian, but it really bothers me when people use your/you're or their/there/they're or than/then or it's/its incorrectly if they should really know better. Like on product packaging. Or when you're a native speaker with a relatively good education.

My friend's wife has her own business and a website to go with it. There, she states that she specializes, among other things, in proofreading, editing, video production, marketing and other things that require good grammar. Hers isn't bad enough to draw a lot of attention to it, but I would never let her edit me! I'm seriously thinking of writing her and in the nicest possible terms offering my help. Now, if I ask her to pay me, I'd feel like I'm insulting her; if I offer to do it for free, that's not a good use of my time. I could potentially ask her if she wants to hire me as an editor, but that might also be insulting and I don't know if she actually employs anyone other than herself in the business.

And on another note: I made Andy, my graphic designer husband, very proud when I pointed out that most of the photos on her website are in the wrong aspect ratio. That's one of his biggest graphic design pet peeves.
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So, my body has been going through cycles of weird pains. There were the arm pains and the nausea, and now I also got these all-body tension pains. I think it's from repetitive motion or bad positioning, so I've been finally thinking about giving up computing in bed. I'm doing it now, except I'm seated totally differently. But I think a better solution might be to get a reading chair. What do you recommend, how do you like to read or compute? I was thinking something like this or like this from Ikea, but I'm not sure if that's a comfortable material to sit on or if the cats will eat it. I think I need something that allows me to not put too much stress on my tailbone, raises my knees because my small laptop sits on them, and isn't too big.
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Technology has been absolutely hating me lately, especially in the past several days. Just a quick rundown:

My brand new MacBook Air won't charge. I've taken it to the Genius Bar who say it's a firmware problem, updated the firmware and sent me on my way. It still won't charge most of the time. Going back on Wednesday.

My camera won't connect to my computer. I'm actually kind of thinking it's the computer since it did connect to other computers, but most of the time I can find ways around that and it's kind of lower on my list of technology priorities.

My printer isn't pulling in paper properly. Yes, we've adjusted it. Is 8 years considered old for seldom-used printers?

My phone... actually my phones. Andy gave me his HTC MyTouch 3G Slide and got himself a 4G. It rebooted randomly and constantly. We purchased 2 more of the identical phone and installed logging programs on them before we finally figured out that it's the SIM card. Went to T-Mobile, exchanged it... now I'm contemplating which phone to keep. On one, inexplicably, Facebook won't load (it's on its factory ROM). On the one Andy gave me, rooted to Cyanogen, WiFi gets stuck in turning off mode and isn't fixed by anything other than a reboot.

My MP3 player refused to pause the other night. A reboot fixed that, but I haven't used it since and we'll see if that does that again.

My car's AC kept turning on. Granted, it's possible that I brushed against the button... but unlikely.

We did replace the hair trimmer, the old one just wasn't trimming.

What's next, technology universe?
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Seriously. I'm not sure what kind of a bug it is, but half the time, my comment threads don't expand properly. I can live with the aesthetic changes, but not the functional. Not sure how I feel about this new icon selector, either. And the interesting fact that these changes appear half the time and the other half it's back to normal remind me of Kaiser's pages, which for some reason are being remodeled slowly over the course of the past year, and also for the worse. I am not on board, but if you'll pardon the pun, not quite jumping ship.
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We made another Ikea run today and after I told Andy that we need to get some art for the other bedroom, I talked him into buying fabric and some metal rails, so now I have to step up and put it all together. The fabric is more than twice as wide as the rails, so I've decided to turn it inside out and stitch it into a tube, then turn it right side out and iron, then clip the ends into the rails. I don't have a sewing machine, and I'm not certain I have the skills to stitch a straight line anyway. So it'll be a lot of labor... But I hope it looks good!

The only other problem I foresee is that that room is painted avocado-green and green is also prevalent on the fabrics. Don't think they'll blend in, exactly, but I don't like things too matchy-matchy.

Here are the pictures of the ones we got: )
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I still haven't found a new cell phone!

This sucks.

I've come up with an ingenious idea, shouldn't be too difficult to implement. Can we have modular cell phones? It's not that hard to customize firmware if you're a programmer or you know one, but we can't customize hardware at all. I mean, I want to be able to go to a manufacturer's site (or, OK, let's face it, to a provider's site and pick a manufacturer) and then pick the aspects of a phone that I like. I want a slider, without a QWERTY keyboard, with a relatively nice camera and OK video, WiFi and GPS but no 3G or 4G or radio. I know that this kind of a customization may not be terribly economical, but even if we were to simplify it to what shape phone one wants and go from there, it would still be nice.
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I fucking loved my phone! I even posted about it on LJ, but it's not worth linking to it since the source took down all its info and now you can't tell what it was. It was and LG Decoy and perfect for me - a small slider with a built-in Bluetooth earbud. And it appears that they no longer make the built-in Bluetooth on any phone except one obscure one that Andy found in India.

And, of course, it has been dying for the past year. First, I dropped it on the ground during a particularly hard day at work and the screen got scratched. Then the battery started being total crap. And now it's gotten to the point where in half the calls, the microphone works inconsistently at best.

I am at a total loss on how to replace it. For certain reasons, I need to stick with Verizon for now, and although I'm eligible for an upgrade, there isn't a single phone on their site that is a good fit for me. All I want is a small slider without a QWERTY keyboard (and hopefully without a touchscreen) that has a decent camera. I know I'm not going to get my Bluetooth dream, but fuck, I'll take call quality! I'm even willing to go for a QWERTY, as long as it doesn't make the phone massive. I don't text, I don't internet on my phone and I don't want any "features" from Verizon. I was kind of interested in the Kin ONEm - it is tiny and has WiFi, but it's got crap reviews, and come on, no calculator or calendar? Really?

I did look on eBay, but the only Decoys sold are not new, they're "new other (see detail)" and lack manuals. Suspicious, no?

I'll take your suggestions, as long as they don't involve me having to have a data plan.


Mar. 6th, 2011 05:15 pm
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В последнее время часто получается так, что по выходным Андрюша загружен, я не могу ему помочь, и он что-то важное не успевает. Список на сегодня: покрасить стену в ванной, стирка, убрать то место куда он опрокинул горшок с базиликом, законопатить раковину, доделать приглашение и помочь маме. Сделал пока только последнее, а у нас 5 часов - я ему сказала что хоть раковина не срочное дело. Мою норму загрузить посудомойку и отдраить плиту я хоть выполнила.

С другой стороны, я вроде относительно свободный человек, а будни у меня заполняются так что я устаю и тоже не успеваю все что надо. На этой неделе: в понедельник надо проснутся достаточно рано что бы впустить чувака который будет делать пол; во вторник к врачу, и наверно почти на целый день, хотя надо параллельно разобраться с вечно-опаздывающем водопроводчиком; в какой-то из дней надо поменятся с Андрюшей машинами и отвезти егойную в мастерскую и выбрать краны, это тоже целый день. И неплохо бы как минимум пару раз погулять и поплавать, а так же сходить к Эмили. Было бы неплохо увидить собственную двоюродную сестру, но если она не перезванивает то что я могу сделать? Конечно, я - спонтанный человек и что-то обязательно да всплывет. Хорошо что хоть еда в доме есть, на прошлой неделе в китайский выбралась!

(Это я не для того что пишу бы меня пожалели, это что бы половину этого добра не забыть, а то к всему остальному еще и прибавляются дырявые мозги.)

ETA: Муж is awesome! Я думаю что раковина доживет до следующих выходных!
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As you know, I don't do hallmark holidays. This year, the only thing that marks them for me is the 20% off coupon that spurred me to get these for me:

And these for Andy in black:

We're also taking our little trip, but although it's romantic it's more related to Presidents' Day than that other February thing.
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What point and shoot camera do you have? Do you like it? Give me your reviews, please.


Nov. 24th, 2010 11:22 pm
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I don't usually like the look of blondies, but there's something awesome about the very light ones. And especially ones with very light eyes. I met a Finnish guy whose hair was nearing a shade of green, I thought he was gorgeous. In the following video (which won't embed, bastards) is the making of Robyn's video for "Indestructible" featuring an awesome liquid-filled... garment of some sort.

The Making of Robyn's 'Indestructible' Music Video from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.


Nov. 19th, 2010 11:41 pm
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BM'09 we came up with this awesome idea, but because the powers that be in our camp got an even awesomer idea, it was never implemented. Thereby, at the risk of disclosing an idea that may yet be used, I will reveal it here because it's fucking awesome.

What you need is a place that somewhat resembles a porch. A partially-open garage tent on a slight platform would probably do. And you also need some astro-turf, amount depending on your free space and desire. You might need to get some pink flamingos or gnomes, but you decorating style is entirely up to you, even croquet might be appropriate. The important part is this: at all times have at least one person on the porch, (pants pulled up to armpits optional), who will be yelling "get off my lawn!"

Now, in your non-Man life you may think that this is boring - it's all about the context. And probably camp placement, too, to provide sufficient traffic, but context is awfully important. And, of course, plentiful booze doesn't hurt. Hooch, for instance.
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The combination of two of the ugliest forms of footwear in the most hideous color.
(Notice, I'm not arguing comfort here, just aesthetics.)


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