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Jan. 22nd, 2013 11:14 pm
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Grrr! I was doing so well with all my piercings, and I fucked up my right ear while cleaning it! I've seen people before with unevenly stretched ears and that always looked funny to me, and now, at least for a time, I'll be one of them! I've done a pretty good job of fighting the OCD, I hope it doesn't kick in now.

On the other hand, I think that I notice such details in people a lot more than they notice them in me. I've changed some of my more prominent jewelry several times with not a single comment, not even from the man, and I sometimes did it just to see if anyone would notice. Nope. I'm not offended or anything, I'm just kind of baffled by the fact that people's attention to detail is so varying.


Oct. 5th, 2012 12:57 pm
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For the past several months, I've been very tolerant to cold. Maybe I've been that way for a longer time, especially since after living on the East Coast I can't tolerate much heat, but I've obviously been less cold than the people around me. Yes, I'm one of those San Francisco people who wears a T-shirt in the fog and likes it.

However, recently, I've been actually getting cold! Aside from the horrible heat wave we've had recently, I've actually occasionally regretted not having a jacket or a scarf with me! Now, I've lost a lot of weight, so I hear that thinner people get cold more, and I've started taking a medication whose side effect is slightly decreased body temperature, so both of those could be a factor. I'm actually having trouble remembering that my body works differently now and I should use and take things differently.
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So, my body has been going through cycles of weird pains. There were the arm pains and the nausea, and now I also got these all-body tension pains. I think it's from repetitive motion or bad positioning, so I've been finally thinking about giving up computing in bed. I'm doing it now, except I'm seated totally differently. But I think a better solution might be to get a reading chair. What do you recommend, how do you like to read or compute? I was thinking something like this or like this from Ikea, but I'm not sure if that's a comfortable material to sit on or if the cats will eat it. I think I need something that allows me to not put too much stress on my tailbone, raises my knees because my small laptop sits on them, and isn't too big.


Dec. 14th, 2011 06:17 pm
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I looked at my driver's license today and it expires on my next birthday. I will have been back to California for 5 years. It seems like I'm almost the same weight (if you account for the liberty I took with my initial estimate), same hair length and mostly the same look, but the overall physical impression I have of myself is different, as in, that picture looks nothing like what I feel like is me. Maybe it's that DMV pictures are THAT bad, maybe it's that I have changed and aged, maybe it's all the body changes I've undergone, or maybe I just perceive myself differently. Regardless, even though I can probably renew online, I'm going to try to make the time to go in there and take a new picture. Since they don't have technology to do that online yet.
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I think I'm having middle ear problems. I get a weird blood rush to the head when I bend over, I'm nauseous and woozy and my balance is worse than usual. That's the middle ear, right? I have no symptoms of a virus so I have no reason to suspect an infection, so WTF?

Add to that a horrendous allergy attack. And I can't take all my favorite meds. FML!
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У нас всегда были такие шерстяные (или может синтетические?) пледы. Обычно в псевдо-шотландскую клетку (ведь надо откуда-то слову происходить!) и коричневых тонов. Очень типично-советский атрибут. Перед отъездом все старые пледы были выброшены, даже тот с которым я выросла, и были куплены три новых. Все три до сих пор живут у меня - светло-коричневый и красный клетчатые и темно-коричневый полосатый. Последний потрепаный жизнью, работает подстилкой в машине.

Но я не об этом. С детства мне очень нравилось чувство провести рукой по пледу так, что бы маленькие волоски оного щекотали кожу под кончикам ногтей. Примерно понятно о чем я? Для меня это всегда был как тик, просто прохожу мимо пледа и рассеяно провожу по нему рукой. Мать моя, кстати, не поощеряла эту привычку - сама попробовала, заявила что ей неприятно и каждый раз как заметит, меня одергивала как будто застала меня за мастурбацией.

Зато сейчас у меня нет никаких угрызений совести по этому поводу - один клетчатый плед на диване в гостинной, другой на изножье кровати, и я почти никогда не пропускаю случая проходя мимо провести по нему тыльной стороной ладони.
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Не могу себе представить что кому-то нравится каждый день наносить на лицо тональник. Потом еще и пудру, наверно, румяна, другие слои. Я моментально ощущаю что на лице маску а не родную кожу. Да еще и нельзя потрогать, почесать! А ведь я честно перепробовала самую разную косметику когда оной увлекалась! Хотя, на самом деле, увлекалась я ею, наверно, только потому что мать запрещала.

Вернемся к нашим баранам: а вы действительно не чувствуюте косметику на лице или вас это просто не ебет так как это ебет меня?


Sep. 9th, 2010 01:03 pm
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We have decided that we're sloths and fatties and that we need to get into shape and be healthy. Of course, the question always remains on when to start - next week? Jewish New Year? I think we're going to have no choice but to do it when we get on our way to having children - we want to have a healthy pregnancy and set a good example. And we'll have to get up early instead of sleeping until noon, which might make us more productive. Which really just means that until that happens, we'll continue our slovenly, self-indulgent and gluttonous lifestyle.
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Like a normal couple or something, we tried to go out to a normal restaurant for a normal dinner yesterday. And the fuckers repay us by trying to poison me! Granted, everything was absolutely delicious, but there was one item they served that had some green sauce on top. I'm thinking herbs, since avocado wouldn't really make sense in a Turkish context. But, lo and behold, it was the very thing I am allergic to. Since service was awful and slow, there was little hope of getting new utensils, so my awesome husband stepped up and licked my fork and knife clean! (In a very sexy manner, I might add!) I really felt like I owed these people very little in terms of decorum at this point.

The rest of the food was really tasty and plentiful, and probably too plentiful. While attempting to take a nice after-dinner walk, I decided that my tongue was entirely too itchy and even though there's a small chance it could be psychosomatic, I must get my allergic ass home and consume mass quantities of Benadryl. Now, you may not know this, but Benadryl only sometimes makes me sleepy, but it usually makes me anxious and jittery. So much fun!
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So, let's see, where was I...

Hi [ profile] aika99 and [ profile] vzasade! I had a very nice devirtualization (spell check suggested conceptualization instead, but this was more concrete) with those two. It took place in an eatery I shall not name for fear of advertising for it is owned by my parents' friends and I had to go through a bout of тисканье and mom-quizzing before I was allowed to rejoin the party.

You may have already read about the back muscle-pulling, but somehow this morning it migrated into a new region. I didn't think it was that bad so I went out with a very nice British chick to show her the town. Even a hot bath with more Ativan and a lot of relaxing didn't fix it quite yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get to sleep in. Luckily, my doctor agreed that that particular acupuncturist wasn't as authoritative as he presented himself and agreed to prescribe me more of the good stuff. (I love Kaiser - the entire interaction took place over email and soooo fast!)

Sunday Brunch was a raucous success, so much that I haven't yet had the will or the physical ability to clean up afterwards. We have no clean dishes and no will to cook so we're eating takeout. Poor Andy has work deadlines, but they are tomorrow so hopefully he'll start coming home earlier than 9. I guess that in and of itself might be a motivation to cook. On the other hand, not so much to clean - bothering with that before the dusty burners return is just not going to happen, back pain or not.
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I am having most of the Playa experience without the actual trip to Burning Man. I have hosted my first overnight batch of travelers last night and more visited this morning, and I'm having [ profile] kippie and [ profile] ele_ele arrive tonight. The house is already covered in dust. That part of the package is awesome.

However, we had a bit of an enfuckment with a 17' Uhaul truck last night in which I pulled the shit out of my mid-back. One of my visitors did give me an awesome massage, but that didn't fix it, and neither did my first sojourn into acupuncture today. I've been meaning to try Doc Andy for chiropractic, but he was out today and oh, BTW, all the contact info on their website is incorrect and they've moved across town. Well, I've been meaning to try his acupuncturist and massage, too, but because I had to drive all the way across town I only had time for one. Anyway, I think acupuncture works by distraction. For a while, my back hurt quite a bit less, but I was laying flat on a comfortable surface and where he stuck me in my leg hurt quite a bit. They're almost even now, with the back coming back with a vengeance. Maybe Doc Andy himself is more my speed, but I remain skeptical of his practice-mate Jon, who mostly read to me from his manual and said "ahem" a lot.

I still have to bake a birthday cake and prepare for brunch tomorrow. However, one of my brunch guests is a masseuse... maybe I can employ her skills there as well.
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I spent about an hour today at Target just looking for a new body wash and face scrub. As much variety as there is, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted and will have to try out some alternatives. Also, my favorite hair product is about $4 when sold by itself and about $3 when sold in a bundle with shampoo. I rarely if ever use shampoo, but the Jew in me went for the cheaper. The rest of my purchases included the wrong kind of silicone to re-seal my windshield and the wrong kind of oatmeal to feed my husband.
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I have discovered that I want to have a break from my tongue piercing. I'm not ready to give it up (not that I think I'll have to give it up, ever), but I decided to take it out for a while. It's 13 years old, so I anticipate it won't close overnight, although I don't know how long I have - I once closed a tragus in about 6 hours, I was pissed. But the spot around the top ball got sore, I expect because I was eating cocoa nibs and irritated it.

Now that it's been out for all of an hour, I find myself playing with my tongue. I've done that even before I got it pierced, partially because I'm frequently congested and mouth-breathe a little, and when I do that, I play with my tongue. Anyway, as I'm playing with my tongue, I am a tiny bit startled when every time I expect it to behave in a certain way and it doesn't, because it lacks barbell.
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For a few months now, a point on the outside of my left foot (right where fifth metatarsal is) has mildly tingled. It's almost like a nagging bug bite. There is nothing on the exterior, and I haven't hurt it. Just weird.

Also, I haven't found my brown sandals yet, and it's getting to be brown sandals weather.


Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:22 pm
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I again managed to hurt myself in a very stupid way. I think I cut my toenail too short and it's digging into the side of my toe as it grows. I tried filing it down a bit and trimming the side-cuticle, but it didn't help. Every time something touches the area there is a very painful and nasty sting. So far, I've slathered it in neosporin and put a large band-aid on it, but I can't help but think there might be something else I can do. Luckily, I depilated my legs to the point of decency and wore a skirt with (shudder) flip-flops today. Yes, [ profile] simulacrum, I also hate flip-flops, but these seem to be OK - thick suede soles and leather bands that cross just above the big toe rather than the normal wishbone configuration. And they don't come near my poor toenail.

Add this to the list of recent self-injuries, including a giant knee bruise from walking into a metal cart, a real redneck sunburn and a plethora of paper-cuts.
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I know some of my friends have been having fun at the dentist's, so I decided to join them. And besides, my dentist is my friend from middle school, so we get to catch up. Or rather, she tells me about her life, and I kinda grunt and show her my wedding ring.

Belochka, possibly not up your alley )However, this did get me in the mood for soup even more. Andy is really not into soup, which sucks because I want to eat it more often. Maybe the cold weather/hot soup stereotype is affecting me, but I've been craving spinach soup, and now, щи. Incidentally, there is a head of cabbage in the fridge, so I think if I buy a hunk of corned beef brisket, I may just get my wish and satisfy my man in one fell swoop!


Oct. 18th, 2009 12:09 am
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Things I realized I missed while traveling:

The cats
Good face scrub in the big container
Reach flosser and electric toothbrush
Giant blanket
The ability to go outside the bedroom naked
My own damn computer!
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Bed slats for a 4 year old bed (one corner of its metal bits finally gave in).

An apple corer. I've been into Pink Lady apples lately.

2 tarps - the big blue kind. Good for Burning Man.

A splatter screen, but they didn't have any kind with a long handle, rather ones with a loop in the middle - wouldn't that splatter on my arms, or heat up too much?

We also went to WalMart (I think I haven't been since Luray and Mountainhaus!) and bought a grill, on which we proceeded to ruin some turkey burgers. I'm convinced the preferable version of that dish is котлеты.

Oh, and all brands of waxing strips have completely disappeared out of stores, I had to get some off eBay! WTF?
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I had my first anaphylactic reaction to allergy shots today. About 10 minutes after, my face felt kind of hot and tingly, and I was a little more nauseous than usual. I expected that if anything like that ever happened to me, it would be more respiratory and itchy, like when I got stuck by a bee in high school. In fact, they kept asking me if I had either symptom. Luckily, I was still in the office (they require a 30-minute wait after shots for this very reason). I walked into the shots area, and I didn't have a chance to say that I feel weird - the nurse said my face was very red and quickly shuffled me off to a room with a bed with a rail. After a bit of steroids and antihistamines, I got another flush while talking to the doctor and she decided to give me a shot of adrenaline - luckily, not the stab-yourself-in-the-thigh kind. A bit of jitters and palpitations, and I was on my way. It was a little disorienting, but I could still drive and shop for dairy products.

Now I wonder if it's related to the lower-back ache and numb extremities.

I am just full of fail on the health front!
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I heard good reviews of this stuff and they are giving away a custom kit of free samples for the price of shipping ($3.13).

I never wear makeup because I hate the way it feels on my face and the time and effort it takes to apply and remove it, but for a special occasion, this may work.
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