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Слушайте, а может это загадочное место - Таллинн? Я никогда не была в Эстонии, но летом в Латвии и Литве мне в детстве понравилось!
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I had a crazy day punctuated by an impromptu trip to City Hall. I should add that I've been driving in that neighborhood nearly every day this week, yet I didn't bother to visit it then, and it hadn't occurred to me. Anyway, I had a small city business transaction to conduct, but I procrastinated to the point of being the absolutely last person to make that transaction in the fiscal year, and thus avoided a small fine. Seriously, they had to ask a cashier to stay late and made me pay first.

But I have to say, the Pride was awesome! There were 2 gorgeous grooms on the Rotunda when I walked by and news cameras on the balconies. There were beautiful couples sitting on the steps looking for witnesses, and even though there were a ton of people, the traffic and obnoxious people weren't so bad!

I'm having an awesome, if very tiring period. Lots of exciting stuff afoot!
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For us, it's a Vietnamese Pho place. And it's probably one of the best options in the neighborhood. It's literally under our building, even though we have to walk around the block to get there. Tasty, cheap and fast - the only problem is when it's closed on Tuesdays.
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Вот я живу в Сан Франциско. Мне здесь очень нравится, потому что:

Это город. Я не могу жить вне города, у меня очень плохая реакция на самые лучшие, ближние и культурные пригороды и деревни.
Это берег, западный. В основном либеральная публика.
Здесь редко жарко, и почти никогда - очень жарко; здесь нормальная для меня влажность и я люблю облака и туман. Мужу нравится что здесь не очень холодно и нет снега, но не нравится отсутствие гроз.
У нас маленький ребенок, так что нужен комфорт в его времяпровождении и образовании.
Мы оба имеем возможность работать удаленно, то есть муж уже на 100%, а я на 90%.
По крайней мере в нашем уголке, здесь очень мало насекомых и грызунов, особенно таких которые меня кусают.

Мы не планируем переезжать, но мне интересно было бы посетить подобные города. Такой город должен быть:

Относительно легко досягаемым с обоих побережьев США (допустим, полет с одной пересадкой в нормальном аэропорту).
Дружелюбным к либеральным американцем с нестандартным гардеробом и наличием дополнительных дырок.
С возможностью относительно легко передвигаться и на общественном транспорте, и на машине.

Судя по моему опыту, сюда подходят Лондон, Амстердам, может Берлин. Но мне кажется что в Австралии или Новой Зеландии город тоже есть такие места, да? Или где-нибудь еще? Пожалуй, погода - один из важнейших факторов.
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I am bemused at how the assumption is that San Francisco, the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are widely presumed to have superior consumer and other technology. I keep recalling two comparisons to the place we used to live - DC and Northern Virginia suburbs.

1. NoVa have FIOS! SF does not, not a good analogy! We don't need a landline or cable TV, FIOS was a relatively good choice in quantity and quality. And I realize it's because AT&T is the big brother of SF phones-n-stuff, but I thought Verizon has a presence here as well. Anyway, here, we initially went with a measured rate AT&T phone and some DSL company. Now we switched to a better-quality DSL that somehow takes over from AT&T for the landline, but I'm not clear on the specifics and we have turned off the phone ringer and voicemail anyway.

2. Giant (an East Coast supermarket) has an app that allows you to scan groceries as you take them off the shelf and put them in your bag. I haven't seen this in any local store, comparable or better. And even their self-checkout works better - you scan the items, then put them on the belt where they are weighed and spilled into a packaging area. Here, you scan each item, then put it on a weighing stand where you are supposed to package it with any others. Using your own bags frequently messes up the weighing, and even when not using them the computer frequently screams at you that you are wrong and must perform some sort of complicated penance to right it all. I seriously switched from self-checkout to human cashiers after a few experiences in CA, plus they're not any faster here!

And no, we don't have good public Wi-Fi everywhere! Not even in the most logical areas. But I still totally prefer living in SF.
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...почти видны Цельные Продукты, которые открываются 29 августа. И ведь то здание в котором они будут обитать (а также пару сотен новых соседей в двух квартирных блоках) было сдано еще ранней весной, но на магазине висели плакаты что он откроется осенью 2012го. Вот бывает, что открывается он за 3 дня до общепринятой осени, и за почти месяц до американской.

А еще я сегодня выбралась на свободу! Пошла с друзьями послушать группу которые играют в основном Бреговича, а также металлический Enter Sandman на манер Бреговича, плюс с маааленьким рефреном "Ну, погоди!" Познакомилась с большой африканской теткой которая меня облапала (она наверно видила как мой друг, с которым мы знакомы 34 года меня облапывает, и впечатлилась). Еще познакомилась с милой девушкой из Берлина которая жила в СФ год, изучала американистику, и в частности, эмиграцию, и на следующей неделе уезжает назад, но на следующий день едет в Россию. На семейный сбор. Потомков Екатерины второй. Кстати, имен ни первой, ни второй точно не помню!

Но я вернулась домой даже до полуночи, и съела толстый ломоть сыра с плесенью... ммм, горького! Даже мужа поцеловать не могу!

А еще у нас Uniqlo открывается.

Game on!

Jun. 27th, 2012 08:32 pm
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In the tradition of Judge John Hodgman, whoever gets the first two references in this post (without significant googling) gets a summary judgement in their favor.

Of the people that are either from San Francisco or live there, give me the Good-Bad-Ugly.

And also, the Marry-Fuck-Kill.


Jun. 10th, 2012 02:18 pm
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As we are in need of a new mattress, I've been reading the online reviews for the local stores. Of course, I only read the negatives, and they're pretty fucking negative. I have pretty much decided that the only reason I'd set foot inside these places is to try out the product (and maybe practice my zen on the salespeople). But I'm sure shipping for online places is not cheap. I'm considering Ikea, which is made more difficult since we sold our big SUV with the roof racks, but it may still be a better option both in price and pain-in-the-ass-ness. Seriously, why do I have to suffer so in this day and age?
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My grad school is having an alumni reception in SF, and I've signed up for it, mostly because I want to network just in case the perfect job just wants to fall into my lap. Andy offered to come with, but I decided that I socialize better alone (we've gone to some embassy receptions in DC where he mostly wanted to talk to me and I mostly wanted to meet new people). So, I wonder if most of the people there will be graduates of the decade I was born, or newly-unleashed 21 year olds... I'm sure part of it will be them asking for money, but as Andy rightly noted, they will not see any from me until I've dispensed with my sizable loans. And how entertaining will it be for me to come and say that I've gotten this degree and job experience, and now I'm happily doing nothing? I guess I'm a bit of a masochist in that I have not exactly forced but enabled myself to get off my butt, get away from the wall and interject myself into a group of strangers. I look at it as a kind of a sport, I suppose, even meeting people I end up not liking is an experience where I can derive some benefit to myself, for example, learning how to get the best out of interacting with people I don't particularly like.

I was fairly active in all kinds of groups in DC, both because that's what a lot of people did at my school and for networking, but I also liked going to talks and meetings that were personally interesting to me. I did that too when I moved back to SF, but of course on a smaller scale since there are only so many things here related to international relations. I stopped when I got busy, and even though I'm busy now, I'm going to try to carve out some time to go to interesting events... after I carve out some time to work, natch. Not that I don't have enough friends I don't see often enough, nor am I exactly trying to climb the career ladder at this point, but I figure it can't hurt, and if it does, I can always stop again. I think I'm in a really good position in life where I have that much control over what I do and how much time I spend at it.
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A friend and I have been meaning to go get massages at this place down the street from me for a while, and I can't believe I didn't manage to get there before. This place is called, with the best traditions of Engrish grammar, Relax Feet Spa, and offers (at least at my location) an hour of full-body massage with a foot soak for $25-30. And it's the kind of massage I like. Granted, some parts of it hurt, but the woman that worked her magic on me was very good at adjusting to my yelps. Really, I wish only for two more things: that cough drops and lip balm dropped from the ceiling into/onto my mouth, and that there was a wheelbarrel to get me back home.

Today, though, apparently, was rich of crazy at the massage place. One guy, we think, was snoring. The music to relax by was "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and last but not least, some other guy in the room at first was saying "Ыыыыыыыыыыы", and then loudly moaning. At one point, he stated that he had to go to the bathroom and had to be assisted there. No idea what his issue was, but we were more amused than anything else. Other than that, awesome experience, highly recommend, plan on repeating soon!
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I just noticed that I started this journal while I was living in DC, but there is no DC tag, only SF. I fucking love SF. Here is a list of why - I'd link to it, but you can just read my SF tag.

Under a considerate cut, but on the other hand, how can you not care about SF? )
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Встречаю в воскресение в Торговце Жопе своего школьного друга и его старшую дочь, ей вроде лет 6. Поговорили о жизни-детях-работе-машинах-старых друзей. Вчера приходит электронное приглашение на крестины его третьего и четвертого ребенка (2 года и почти 3 месяца). В эту субботу. Типа "вспомнили". Я, конечно не пойду - мне его ревитализированный католицизм сами знаете насколько нужен. Но тем не менее, забавно.
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Went to eat at Fresca last night with some Israeli friends. They insist that they're not religious but traditional, so they all keep kosher. Not necessarily the bless-your-oven and properly-butcher-your-meat type of kosher, but they refused to have dessert because there were only dairy options, and we all had meat. But get this: they had shrimp, calamari, little octopuses (octopi?) and other unkosher kinds of seafood - is there even a kosher kind. Make up your minds, people!

On the plus side, it was all delicious. I ordered most of the dishes myself and I'm please to say that everyone was very happy with my selections. The sampler of 6 seviches was fucking awesome, and because I ordered, I left off the ones with avocado and jalapeno and happily sampled all of them!
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After a total of 15 years of living in San Francisco, I finally made it to the infamous Stinking Rose.

So NOT worth it!

If you're going for that ambiance, then sure. And when I say ambiance, I mean stupid, drunken tourists. One of the people I was with tried to argue that she's also drunk and not exactly local, but she wasn't remotely as stupid as the pubic I encountered there.

And the food wasn't worth the expense and the parking troubles, either. I've been dying to try the chicken with the 40 cloves of garlic - the thought of spreading sweet, gooey, melting roasting garlic on toast was more than I could resist. The notion of garlicky mashed potatoes was appealing. But alas, the garlic, although there were more than 40 cloves thereof, was merely warmed through. The bagna cauda appetizer was the spreadable quality of garlic I was looking for, and that's what I ate. And added to the mashed potatoes. The chicken was good, but hey, even I have recently mastered good chicken, so I wasn't impressed. And no toast!

Andy had meatloaf. It was OK and not that garlicky. He also added a shitlot of garlic to his mashed potatoes.

By the time dessert time rolled around, I was kind of wanting a tiramisu, but since we're at the fucking Stinking Rose, we should get garlic ice cream, and we did. I did like the savory caramel sauce, I love a good caramel. The ice cream was OK, but either my tongue was worn out from the other garlic, or all that was in it was a sharp aftertaste, but I wasn't impressed with that, either.

We should have known something was up when one of the first things the waiter pointed out was the garlic, parsley and oil relish that adorned our table. You know, just in case your food wasn't garlicky enough.

In other words, don't bother. I should have gone ahead with my original plan to experiment and make the 42-clove chicken my damn self.
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I must admit I didn't read this whole article, I skimmed it and read the end. I just don't have the bandwidth. But since some people have shown concern about the nuclear power plants and their condition, I thought it might be of interest.

Why I am not worried about Japan’s nuclear reactors by Dr. Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at MIT.

I hear there are more reactors in danger of doing nasty things, as well as more tsunami and aftershocks. This is not the kind of thing one can really prepare for, but of all places Japan is probably best cognizant of its situation. Like it or not, it's the Japanese people's home, they're obviously not leaving and I'm sure that aside from the occasional cataclysm it's a nice enough place.

For those of you worried about us in SF, I have recently learned that our faults are the slip and not the megathrust kind, so we're not in danger of an analogous situation. Although there are tsunami evacuation route signs posted along the beach, the city hasn't seen any serious consequences (and I wouldn't want to live outside the city anyway).


Mar. 4th, 2011 03:42 pm
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The recently-rebuilt Charlie Sava pool is not only the closest one to my place but is the best public pool I've seen in SF. And I've been to many of them, including Sava's previous incarnation. Clean, shiny, airy, not crowded, plenty of parking and very few people for my lap swim today. The gaggle of Chinese tweens bobbing in the shallow end did stare at me a bit, but I'll say it was the awesome earrings.

I'm one of those people that never gets an exercise high, so I'm pretty much beat afterward. I am so beat that even though I'm hungry, I'm not sure when I'd be able to get out of bed and go downstairs for more food. Who wants to come over and bring me a sandwich?
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I'm pretty sure I saw Matt Ross (Albie from Big Love) yesterday at the Berkeley Bowl West cafe. He was ushering a child, and I think it's really obnoxious to accost famous people out in the wild, but his looks are so distinctive either he has a twin or it's really him. Anybody know if he's local?
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В очередной раз прошвырнулась по любимому Berkeley Bowl - oh, why must it be in Berkeley? В этот раз с другим Андрюшей, мужем моей подруги. Они сюда временно из Израиля с Сохнутом перебрались, и как оказалось я очень люблю играть в гида по жизни и местности СФ. Этот Андрюша сначала не понимал можно ли обосновать получасовую поездку за мост в продуктовый, но когда я подвела его к оливковому бару и развесным орехам все вопросы отпали.

Купила вкусную картошку которая в первый раз получилась запеченной и не клейкой, и спаржу которая в чесноке и лимонном соке тоже прошла на ура.

А вообще во всем виноват очередной приступ аллергии - проснулась я относительно поздно и вся чесалась. Долгий душ и выход из дому был неизбежен, хорошо что у меня теперь есть компания домохозяина и он со мной без предварительных планов выбирается. И сумки таскает!
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My awesome friend Tim is visiting from England for about a month and he'd like to rent a room in SF. I've known him my entire life, so I can pretty well vouch that he's good people. If you want to make a little extra money and meet a great, chill guy, you can contact me here (he's staying with me now).


Dec. 4th, 2010 08:37 pm
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Who wants to make some low-key plans with me tomorrow? Husband has to work.
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