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I had a crazy day punctuated by an impromptu trip to City Hall. I should add that I've been driving in that neighborhood nearly every day this week, yet I didn't bother to visit it then, and it hadn't occurred to me. Anyway, I had a small city business transaction to conduct, but I procrastinated to the point of being the absolutely last person to make that transaction in the fiscal year, and thus avoided a small fine. Seriously, they had to ask a cashier to stay late and made me pay first.

But I have to say, the Pride was awesome! There were 2 gorgeous grooms on the Rotunda when I walked by and news cameras on the balconies. There were beautiful couples sitting on the steps looking for witnesses, and even though there were a ton of people, the traffic and obnoxious people weren't so bad!

I'm having an awesome, if very tiring period. Lots of exciting stuff afoot!
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Got a phone call at 8:30 this morning from an unknown California number, asking if it's me. Yes, this is she. Are you there? Yes, I'm here. Are you a Russian Interpreter? And that's when it hit me that it's this agency that got my name from another agency - not only were they under the mistaken impression that they had notified me of an appointment, but they were under the even more mistaken impression that I had said I'd be there. Utter incompetence!
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I know I have no real right to be, but I'm a grammar nazi. Yes, I'm ESL, and I make plenty of mistakes in English and Russian, but it really bothers me when people use your/you're or their/there/they're or than/then or it's/its incorrectly if they should really know better. Like on product packaging. Or when you're a native speaker with a relatively good education.

My friend's wife has her own business and a website to go with it. There, she states that she specializes, among other things, in proofreading, editing, video production, marketing and other things that require good grammar. Hers isn't bad enough to draw a lot of attention to it, but I would never let her edit me! I'm seriously thinking of writing her and in the nicest possible terms offering my help. Now, if I ask her to pay me, I'd feel like I'm insulting her; if I offer to do it for free, that's not a good use of my time. I could potentially ask her if she wants to hire me as an editor, but that might also be insulting and I don't know if she actually employs anyone other than herself in the business.

And on another note: I made Andy, my graphic designer husband, very proud when I pointed out that most of the photos on her website are in the wrong aspect ratio. That's one of his biggest graphic design pet peeves.
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I get to go to work tomorrow (well, today), much like I worked the other days this weekend. Granted, it's only for a couple of hours, but it does involve waking up earlier than I like and the explosions aren't conducive to sleeping.

The good news is that there is at least some chance that we avoided an expensive visit from the plumber, the newly-installed laundry sink won't leak and I will be able to use the washer soon without massive water leakage. One would hope.

However, laundry will have to wait for a weekday because tomorrow there will be some BBQing at the dacha. Good thing I bought those trendy elastic-waist pants.

Serendipitously, we had nothing to watch today and decided to dig though the older stuff and came up with The Madness of King George.

Meanwhile, your cover's blown. (As soon as I typed this I realized that this may be a loaded statement, given the Russian connection!)
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Потихоньку загибаюсь.

Кто бы думал что от наблюданий так устаешь? Казалось, стой себе с бумажкой, наблюдай и молчи в тряпочку, а приходишь домой и сваливаешся. Зато муж ужин приготовил.


May. 3rd, 2010 06:12 pm
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- Learned to fingerprint to FBI standards. Became covered with ink, felt up some of my fellow co-workers (within acceptable EEO standards).
- Got the yogurt-by-the-ounce I've been craving. Or rather, the 3 varieties of yogurt and like 12 toppings. I love those places - I am such a sampler!
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Время течет как-то быстро. Вот и кончилась одна работа, в понедельник начинается другая, да и та ненадолго.

Андрюша говорит что чем ты старше, тем быстрее годы текут, и что не только он сам так думает но и где-то это вычитал. Вполне возможно это и так, но я банально не помню как быстро для меня время текло раньше.

А может время течет быстрее когда ты счастлив и жить легко? Помню как при прошлой работе я чувствовала что до выходных не дотяну.

А интересно, как время течет когда перед глазами растет ребенок? Ведь они, говорят, очень быстро меняются и замечаешь, скорее, на фотографиях или по размеру одежды.
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Вчера опять приключилась во "взрослом садике". Сидела, ждала директора рядом со старушкой. Со мной заговорить у нее не получилось, но привлекла какую-то подругу. За последующие пол часа она успела каждой пришедшей старушке сказать "а вот идут наши девочки... скажи, "вот идут девочки, а не мальчики..." а вот еще наши девочки..." (Где в русской раскладке единарные ковычки?) Подругу она успела раз пять спросить, "а ты помнишь себя в семилетнем возрасте?" Мне показалось что она не помнит себя семь минут назад.
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Выходных не будет, буду работать оба дня. В воскресенье вообще целый день, да еще и в незнакомом и неблагополучном районе. На прошлых выходных работала в субботу и после лыж в воскресенье устала больше чем в рабочий день. Даже не помню что было на выходных до этого, но полагаю что тоже ничего хорошего. То есть выходные в последнее время - понятие относительное. Облегчение не предвидится.
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Ненавижу день дурака, или как его. Получилось что сегодня работаю дома, так что общаться придется с малым количеством проверенных не-идиотов. Еще не одной не-маразматической шутки в этой теме я не встречала.

А для меня сегодня - день переписи. Так что давайте, жители США, переписывайтесь! Вам же от этого лучше, серьезно.

Space Cadet

Apr. 1st, 2010 01:35 am
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Dear Friends, LJFriends, Fellow Nerds,

This is one of my numerous projects - working with the Pete Conrad Foundation on their Spirit of Innovation Awards. I want to encourage you to visit this website and vote for your favorite team of high school students - they came up with some amazing projects. Please see below for the official blurb.

Thank you!!!

Online Voting Opens for the Spirit of Innovation Awards: www.conradawards.org

From Monday, March 29th through April 9th, YOU have the opportunity to vote for your favorite high school innovators! 24 top high school teams have been designing the future. Its not science fiction. It's where education meets innovation and entrepreneurship. Its where real
science gets real.

Teams have created innovative products to solve some of the grand challenges facing society. From rural water collection devices, to robotic astronaut assistants. From Satellite attitude-control systems to Navajo Solar Frybread Ovens. These students will rock your world! Now, they need YOU to help select the winners of the Spirit of Innovation Awards by voting online for your favorite teams. Finalists have created videos, blogs, photos and more to show off their products.

From March 29 to April 9, you can help a generation of 21st century innovators change the world, one vote at a time. Check out www.conradawards.org for information on the teams, their products, and to submit your vote.
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I must make a correction, though: address canvassers are not volunteers, they are employees.

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Надо было мне это немного раньше написать, но ладно.

В понедельник у нас утром групповухасобрание и мы обычно обсуждаем дела и планы. А в прошлый понедельник начальница спросила как мы, помимо работы. Все до одного сознались в усталости - еще бы, почти без выходных пашем. Моя коллега Ребекка рассказала что ей начала сниться работа. А я тоже рассказала о моих снах - не то что бы я в них искала какое-то значение, но смешно, как-то. А снились мне два переплетенных сна. В одном из них Гугл решил что надо делать street view в той части Тихого Океана которая между нами и Фарралонами, и вот плыву я в маленькой лодке с камерой на штативе. А второй сон уже не помню.


Feb. 26th, 2010 12:16 am
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I am totally not watching the Olympics, other than the little I catch on Colbert. Not that I cared about sports to begin with, but I have been known to take at least a mild interest in the Olympics previously, maybe because of Soviet-era nostalgia. I could potentially hook up my TV, but I hate the format they use nowadays. I downloaded the opening ceremonies and even though I suspected from the beginning I'd fast-forward a lot of it, I still haven't watched it. Could be for the lack of time, too - my boss quit, and I got her responsibilities but not her title or salary.

I did, however, manage to finally see Все умрут а я останусь and started watching Школа. From what I know of the modern life of a Russian kid, seems plausible and accurate, and I appreciate that in film. I think this is the first Russian thing I'm watching nearly when it was made and it's fun to see them make contemporary references. Kind of wish it was subtitled and Andy was interested - would make for an interesting anthropology study, and we all now know that Andy finds Russia "interesting."


Dec. 2nd, 2009 08:31 am
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Хотела ответить подруге в комментариях, но запись исчезла.

Ко мне, вроде, относятся довольно снисходительно в связи с тем что я относительно молодо выгляжу.

Вот мне 31 с половиной. Если вам лет 45-50, вы станете мне "тыкать"? В первый день профессионального знакомства? Когда никто из нас другому не начальник и я пришла уделить вам услугу?

На предидущей работе моей начальнице было 21. Конечно, говорили мы по-английски, но если бы в нашем языке было "ты" и "вы" я бы точно была с нею более вежлива (хотя девка там была будте-нате!) Да и на этой работе моя русскоговорящая начальница называет меня на "ты", но она моя начальница, меня очевидно старше и нашего другого русскоязычного сотрудника (который выглядит старше нас обоих) тоже называет на "ты". А я ее на "вы".

И с длинными, и с короткими, и со средними как сейчас волосами я выгляжу лет на 28 максимум. Допустим это потому что я седину закрашиваю, и ее у меня немало. Но левый висок, кстати, совсем не закрашивается, и его даже при челке хорошо видно. Ну, еще у меня 3-4 серьги-подковки в каждом ухе, а если присмотреться то и в языке виднеется. Ну и что? Одеваюсь я всегда профессионально, ношу обручальное кольцо, и хоть косметика бы меня точно немного бы старила, я не собираюсь ее использовать. Но это все равно не дает, по-моему, право незнакомым клиентам, партнерам и прочим неблизким "тыкать" мне в первое же свидание.

Или я совсем ушла от реальности и в России это сейчас приемлемо?
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Technically speaking, I'm supposed to be working today. But my boss hasn't sent me the password to the database and anyone I could potentially be calling is not there today. This means that all I really had to do was drop off some paperwork by 9:30 AM. There, I heard from a colleague that sweater dresses are 2 for $30 at Macy's (but I don't like to shop for clothes there) and that this is the only time the word "Black" is used in a positive way. Now, my office is in a mall, so I figure I'd see what Black Friday looked like. And it looks christmassy. Fuck that shit - straight from my favorite holiday to my least favorite!

Granted, I did get a nice navy sweater dress with little pockets and the much-desired slinky long t-shirt with extra-long sleeves (in purple). I was wearing jeans, a purple shirt and a navy cardigan, and I ended up buying more blue and purple. Still obsessed with gray and tried on a whole bunch of it, though. Still no sign of the one other item I much desire - a wrap sweater with the front flaps long enough to act like a shawl.

Nearly every store in the other mall I went to had a 40% discount on either everything or mostly everything before noon. Too bad this didn't extend to the Trader Joe's I hit for brunch supplies. Nor do they discount pumpkin and other Thanksgiving items there. However, both malls were much less crowded than I would have assumed, but neither had anything like a Best Buy or somesuch in them.

And just to make my day even more interesting, turns out Stonestown is full of Jews for Jesus that are not above accosting you when you carry heavy bags or try to drive off. I guess they don't take kindly to my conviction that Jesus has singlehandedly caused more death and destruction than any other human. Oh well, their loss.
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So I work for this agency (I'll call them Stupid Shits) that sends me out to interpret in DMV hearings. I'm supposed to check in by phone or internet before and after my appointments, so instead of lugging my laptop, I call. Today's call went something like this:

- Stupid Shits agency, this is Claudia speaking, how may I help you?
- Hello, this is Инака Езя, I am one of your Russian interpreters. I'm checking in for my 1:15 appointment at Santa Clara DMV.
- What agency are you with?
- I am with your agency.
- And what is your name?
- (repeats name, slowly)
- Ah, do you want to speak to Accounting?*
- No, I'm calling to check in for my appointment in Santa Clara at 1:15
- Please hold!
- (OK, holding)
- OK, I can confirm that you have an appointment at 1:15 today in Santa Clara!
- I am well aware of that. I am standing outside the appointment. Will you check me in?
- Oh, OK.

*I usually do call to speak to Accounting, since these bastards haven't paid me since July.


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