Oct. 18th, 2007

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This, considering that my diet is complicated by 1. the actual requirement that I go on a diet (don't ask, I'm trying to get into a study); 2. the complete and utter lack of non-disposable utensils and the presence of only one big cooking pot and 3. the fact that I somehow manage to be hopelessly busy without even having a job (I'll call you back, Masha, I promise!):

still more grapefruit
chocolate soy milk
blood orange soda
bread with Brummel and Brown and Parmesan
Chinese food (this is something I haven't eaten in years, but the proximity of good takeout and a strange nostalgia/craving are doing it for me)
...and not very much of any of these. I'm going through another phase of weird appetite fluctuations, but I'm not claiming anything until I have pots and pans and dishes and can say that I'm living a normal life.

Speaking of household goods, I am bribing people to come help us get this stuff in the house this weekend. The terms are: pizza (or another agreed-upon deliverable), beer, other consumables and One Big Favor of your choice. My friend Mike gets Two, but he's really going out of his way to help me. Possible favors include: the use of my car, the use of my person to run your errands, babysitting, cooking or another service I am able to provide, so if you have a free Saturday and need me to do things for you, we still have need.
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I can't say that I've been very well able to categorize and organize my feelings about being back here. This girl I met said that I have to "earn my locals' stripes back," which is quite true - I don't know where all the hottest new restaurants are. But I am hoping that we will not be hermits anymore. In DC, there was just honestly very little that beat staying at home and enjoying the cool things we have there.

So far, we haven't really had a chance to be hermits, since so much stuff needs to be found and bought and done to the house. We've been trying to see people, but it's not like just because we moved here everyone is free to see us (herein lies a difference between vacations and life). I realize I can not expect the month-long WelcomeLinaToBoston party I got - in that case, I didn't have much to unpack and most of the people I hung out with lived in one house and partied a lot anyway. That, and I'm no longer 22 (not that bad of a thing). And the funny coincidence and difference is that both moves were in October.

But overall, I have to say I'm happy we moved. I realized that the more important thing was to get out of DC, and the fact that it was a move to San Francisco was like an added bonus. I know I had my reasons to leave when I did, and the job/career one is still a consideration (yes, I'm still looking for one of those), but other than that, I like it here. I have lived in a place with seasons and have had enough for now, I like the perma-SF season just fine. I like the people here, and I have my partner. It sucks that our parents are on that coast, but I don't think our frequency of visits will decrease that much. The thing that sucks is that Europe is farther away, but as my favorite person in Europe pointed out, Hawaii and things West are that much closer.

I think I can't really begin to consider how I feel about this whole thing until I unpack and settle in and get a job. We are prepared for the fact that it looks like the house fixing thing is going to get stretched out (the necessary repairs to the bathroom are slated to last into November at least), and I think we'll feel a lot better once the basics are in place. And then it will be time for an update anyway.


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