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I thought of a good analogy:

Getting a tattoo is like getting a really significant other (such as a spouse), or a child.
- Really good ones or really bad ones are usually a significant investment of time and money.
- All are awfully hard and often expensive to get rid of if you really don't like them.

Thereby, if ever I do get a tattoo, it will probably have something to do with my husband or children.

Piercings, though, are more like non-serious boyfriends and girlfriends, or distant relatives.
- If you really don't like them, you can usually get rid of them relatively easily.
- Definitely less of a time investment, frequently less of a financial one, too.

I have a significant number of piercings. Maybe not that many non-serious boyfriends, but enough to judge by, and definitely lots of distant relatives.
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1. I wonder if people are more likely to be depressed if their lives are very scheduled, regimented. Like, if you do the same exact thing the same exact way every day, it might be a bit boring and not that stimulating. Unless, of course, your personality skews toward the heavily-regimented. But I don't know how much of the population is like that.

2. I am actually totally rooting for Santorum to be nominated! I think it would be hilarious, and also, I'll get to use this userpic even more!

2a. Have you noticed that all of the Republican candidates are using shortened version of their first names (and in some cases, middle names)? Is it that they're trying to be informal, folksy, just like us?
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Когда две женщины заключают друг с другом брак, правильно ли сказать по-русски что одна на другой женится? Аналогично, один мужчина выходит замуж за другого? В английском-то все намного проще!


Nov. 19th, 2010 11:41 pm
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BM'09 we came up with this awesome idea, but because the powers that be in our camp got an even awesomer idea, it was never implemented. Thereby, at the risk of disclosing an idea that may yet be used, I will reveal it here because it's fucking awesome.

What you need is a place that somewhat resembles a porch. A partially-open garage tent on a slight platform would probably do. And you also need some astro-turf, amount depending on your free space and desire. You might need to get some pink flamingos or gnomes, but you decorating style is entirely up to you, even croquet might be appropriate. The important part is this: at all times have at least one person on the porch, (pants pulled up to armpits optional), who will be yelling "get off my lawn!"

Now, in your non-Man life you may think that this is boring - it's all about the context. And probably camp placement, too, to provide sufficient traffic, but context is awfully important. And, of course, plentiful booze doesn't hurt. Hooch, for instance.
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At the intersection of this and this posts:

Is swearing the antithesis of using cutesy language? It offends my sensibilities much less to hear "fuck" than "feetsies" or somesuch.

Also, I have discovered one salient factor: I'm not just throwing "bad" words around, I happen to think I use them to punctuate my thoughts, and rather skillfully so. Descending into baby talk, however, is in my view a lowering of your projected talents and abilities.
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I am in the living room, with the projector on and my laptop open. Andy is in the dining room with the living room computer desktop remotely open on his laptop. He opens a sticky and types me a note.
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I guess I'll go with the latter first. I just realized another Hallmark holiday is approaching. At least I haven't gone into any stores lately, it took me this late to get hit by that realization.

On the other hand, I just solved a problem that had to do with things like smtp servers and domains and filters - all things far outside my qualifications and competencies. Yet I remain underemployed...

But I guess this does deserve a new tag.


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